Rustic Brown Max Thick Belt Sale!

LIMITED TIME SPECIAL OFFER. Just $59 (regular MSRP $99.99)! Our top selling rustic brown max thickness belts are 1-1/2" wide and features 9 holes at 3/4" spacing so you can adjust in small increments. This is a heavy duty belt and is perfect as a casual, work, or as a gun holster belt. This durable full grain leather belt is approximately 1/4" thick and stiffer for heavy duty use. We also have a STEEL CORE version that has metal inside to create a super stiff holster belt. Click the button below for more details and to order. The first belt listed is the non steel core. If you want steel core, choose the one with "Steel Core" in the image and title.

Sale price is not valid on past purchases. Limited time offer. These are being made in large runs to get the price down. Please allow approx. 1-2 business days to ship this item.

NEW Women's Wallets

We have new products in our women's line of USA made wallets. New wallet colors include pink, grey, navy blue, and bison leather in black, medium brown, and tan.

On sale for just $99.99. Order today. Makes great holiday gifts!

100% Full Grain Leather!

Are you tired of buying belts at the store every few months just to have them break again? You are most likely buying bonded leather similar to particle board furniture. It may look great at first, but its just glued together fibers with filler material inside. Stores buy those overseas for around $3 each and sell them for $30 or more! At, we only use the best full grain leathers and processes to make our products. In a world where items are made to break so you keep buying, we believe in making items that last! We want you to wear your belt with pride knowing its USA made. Order today and see what you have been missing.