100% Full Grain Leather!

Are you tired of buying belts at the store every few months just to have them break again? You are most likely buying bonded leather similar to particle board furniture. It may look great at first, but its just glued together fibers with filler material inside. Stores buy those overseas for around $3 each and sell them for $30 or more! At AmishMadeBelts.com, we only use the best full grain leathers and processes to make our products. In a world where items are made to break so you keep buying, we believe in making items that last! We want you to wear your belt with pride knowing its USA made. Order today and see what you have been missing.

Leather Fly Swatters (2 Pack)

Its that time of year when the insects are out in full force. Our leather fly swatters feature a spring wire handle and heavy duty leather to give you a strong SWAT that will leave flies and other insects dead in their tracks. Stop wasting money on those plastic swatters that fall apart and upgrade to the last fly swatter you will ever need!

Comes in a two pack for just $21.99. Order today.