Chicago Screw Removal/Torque Tool

SKU: 6051-screwtool


Chicago Screw Tool Details:

Most of our belts are made with Chicago screw type fasteners so you can unscrew and remove the buckle. We use this exact tool to torque down the screws on the belts before shipping so customers do not lose them with the vibrations of wearing the belt. This is a commercial grade tool and is used daily at our shop to build thousands of belts a week.

It has a padded end to hold the smooth side of the Chicago screw and an opening on the other side so you can use a screwdriver or impact driver to torque down or loosen the screws with ease (see pictures).

Normally you can unscrew the screws on our belts without this tool.  We are offering it for customers who are changing out buckles all the time and want to be able to torque the screws back down and not have to glue them. 

TIP: If you don't have this tool, wrap a piece of sticky tape around your finger with the sticky side out to hold the smooth side of the screw. This will allow you to get a grip on it. Keep the tape on the metal and not touching the leather so it doesn't mark the leather.

  • Makes Chicago screws removal quick and easy.
  • Fully Adjustable tool accommodates any leather thickness.
  • Features Rubberized grip pad to keep the smooth Chicago screw head in place.
  • Features a U shaped opening on one side for easy access with a screwdriver.
  • Black High Impact Plastic
  • Patent Pending

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