SPECIAL OFFER Leather Fly Swatter With Wire Handle (2 Pack) **SHIPS ON JULY 29th**


$26.99 $38.99

You will receive 2 fly swatters (one black and one brown)

SHIPPING NOTE: Due to the length, we only ship this item USPS mail (not FedEx). It will likely ship separate from other items on your order.

This high quality leather fly swatter features a spring wire handle and heavy duty leather to give you a strong SWAT that will leave flies and other insects dead in their tracks. Stop wasting money on those plastic swatters that fall apart and upgrade to the last fly swatter you will ever need.

  • Genuine leather 19" fly swatter (2 pack).
  • Sturdy handle is able to handle the force. The leather swatch features air holes to give you a nice hard hit.
  • Drop dead powerful to execute flies and other insects.
  • Leather is approximately 4" wide by 5.25" high
  • Easy to clean with a wet disposable paper towel (use the shiny finished side to hit the flies).
  • Includes a set of black and brown leather swatters for one low price.
  • USA Made

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