The Amish Way of Life


We receive many emails asking about how the Amish live and work.  Such as, why we are allowed to use electric sewing machines to make our products.  Below gives you a little more information about our company and the Amish lifestyle.

About Us

The Amish believe in a simple lifestyle that consists of hard work and discipline.  At, we only use the best full grain leathers and processes to make our products.  In a world where items are made to break so you keep buying, we believe in making items that last!

Our company started making leather tack (horse collars and reins) many years ago.  As our customer base grew, so did the need for quality leather accessories such as belts and wallets. In 2010 we launched our online store to help sell our products throughout the USA and Canada. The website is operated by a non-Amish family whereas production is still 100% Amish operated in the USA.   In a short amount of time our business has grown from making a couple of belts a day to hundreds, while maintaining our roots of making quality leather products. 

Amish Lifestyle

Much has changed in the last 30 years.  Many Amish families are moving from the farm lifestyle to a more factory setting.  Big farming has made it nearly impossible for the Amish to make a good living wage without using technology and automation to compete in today’s world.  For this reason, many have moved from farming into an industrial setting. There are still many Amish run farms, but they have moved from using motors with line shaft and horses to tractors and machines to farm the land.

Churches and Districts

Throughout the USA there are many different Amish churches that are divided into different districts.  Each of these districts have their own views.  There are normally 4 leaders of the church and it requires 3 votes to pass a request.  For example, if a business needs a phone to operator their business, they will make a request with the church and the leaders will vote whether this is acceptable.  Most businesses can have a phone inside their shop and store whereas some have it on the street in a phone booth.  While the majority of districts do not use computers or internet, some have started to allow businesses the use of computers and internet if needed to run their operations.

When it comes to running our leather shops, we use diesel generators to supply electric to power shop lights and machines to make our products.  This generator powers our commercial sewing machines and air compressor. Our non-Amish family manages the website, marketing, and answers your customer service questions.

We hope this enlightens our customers as to the Amish way of life and also tells you about the team working for you at, to create you a variety of Amish made leather products.