1.50" Wide Men's Leather Belts

Explore our collection of 1.50" wide men's leather belts at Amish Made Belts. Each belt is meticulously handcrafted, combining traditional Amish craftsmanship with premium materials to ensure durability and style. Perfect for those who appreciate quality and timeless design.

Types of Belts in Our Collection

  • Rustic Non-Stitched Leather Belt: This belt offers a rugged style with a smooth edge. It is crafted from Crazy Horse water buffalo leather and is perfect for everyday wear.

  • Non-Stitched Leather Belt Max Thick: Made from thick, durable bull hide leather, The Eastwood belt provides maximum strength and longevity, ideal for those needing a robust and long-lasting option.

  • Black Non-Stitched Leather Belt: This elegant and refined belt is suitable for formal occasions and professional settings.

  • Brown Double Stitched Leather Belt Max Thick: This versatile belt features double stitching for added durability; the Eastwood makes it perfect for both dress and casual outfits.

Other Belts

Explore our broader selection of leather belts:

  • Dress Belts: Sleek and stylish, perfect for formal occasions.

  • Casual Belts: Versatile and durable, ideal for everyday wear.

  • Work Belts: Built to withstand tough conditions, providing reliability for hard-working individuals.

  • Gun Belts: Sturdy and reliable for secure carry.

Why Choose Amish Made Belts?

Our products are handcrafted with care, using the best full-grain leather to ensure high quality. Each belt in our 1.50" wide collection offers a blend of durability, style, and exceptional value. By choosing our products, you support traditional Amish craftsmanship and enjoy lasting quality.

Ready to explore our 1.50" wide men's leather belts? Browse now and find the perfect belt for your needs.

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