The Wayne: Black Stitched Basket Weave Western 1.50"

SKU: 1020-18-32

Belt Size:

  • Approx. 3/16" Thick* perfect for a casual everyday belt.
  • Full Grain Leather! No fillers, cardboard, or fake bonded leather like department stores sell.
  • Available in belt sizes 32 to 54 inches.
  • Western Buckle Set (as pictured) with matching Buckle, Tip, and Keeper.
  • One solid piece of leather. The stitching is just for looks.
  • Made with black Chicago Screws. Please note that the buckle and keeper is easily removable but the tip is not.  If you plan to use your own buckle set this will require an expert to remove and add your items to this belt. Removing tip will void the warranty and return policy.
  • 1-1/2" wide.
  • 5 holes, spaced 1" apart
  • Embossed Basket Weave Design
  • USA Made

* All thicknesses are approximate and may vary slightly from hide to hide. We do our best to get it as close to 3/16" thick as possible.


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