Black Deluxe Leather Padded Guitar Strap With Adjustable Lace


$94.99 $124.99

Deluxe Leather Guitar Straps (Acoustic & Electric)

If you are a serious guitar player, you need a serious strap to hang your expensive guitar. This is that strap.  We spoke to many professional guitar players to get their input on the perfect strap.  Six months later we have what we believe is the best strap on the market. No matter if you are a famous musician or just starting out, this strap will be an extension of you and your style.  Order today.
  • Made with Full Grain Bridle Leather (Durable).
  • This listing is for BLACK.  We also have it in brown and black/red on our site.
  • Totally adjustable with the leather lace that is included. It comes already laced to fit most users.  If you need to adjust it, see the video above to re-lace it.
  • Strap is 1-3/4" wide.
  • The body is backed with a premium soft black upholstery leather to give you a super comfortable pad for your shoulder and back. This is a great feature when you play for hours at a time.
  • Each end features a button hole with slit to attach to your guitar peg.  We also include an extra leather lace for decoration or to be used on guitars without a peg (attach to head).
  • USA Made - Super High Quality

The strap ships in the medium position which will fit the majority of wearers.  The total length shipped is approximately 50.5" and on the second position from the end.  You can go down one and that would decrease the length approx. 2.25" or go up to position 3, 4, or 5 (about 6" longer if you wish).  Approximately 56.5" to 48.25" span.

These are in stock as pictured and are made in large runs.  We are unable to add names, personalization, or alter the design.


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