Black Chicago Screws for Belt Buckle Replacement


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Black Chicago Screw Details:

Most of our belts are made with Chicago screw type fasteners so you can unscrew and remove the buckle. If you have a buckle collection or want to change out the buckle on your belt, this is the easiest way to do that.  We put the screws on with a special tool so they are very tight.  
We offer these Chicago screws at cost just in case you need replacements or happen to lose one of yours. You can also use these if you are changing the color of your buckle from brass to silver or silver to brass.
  • These Chicago screws have a 1/4" male base and are made to fit our belts.
  • The head of the screw is approx. 3/8".
  • Black Color
  • The male and female screws measure approx. 3/8" when screwed together.
  • Thread size is 8-32
  • 2 Pack= 2 male and 2 female screws in this package (same metal color)
  • 4 Pack= 4 male and 4 female screws in this package (same metal color)
  • 10 Pack= 10 male and 10 female screws in this package (same metal color)

Note: We sell hardware at cost to use with our products. Hardware is non returnable. We can not guarantee they will work on other branded belts. Please email us with any questions.


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