The Maverick: Hot Dipped Tan Creased Accent 1.50"

SKU: 8016-37-32

Belt Size:

Enjoy freedom and style with the Maverick belt, suitable for everyday wear from weekday to weekend. Attention to detail makes the Maverick a wardrobe staple apropos for jeans or khakis.

Crafted from the finest full grain leather, the Maverick is classic, durable and built to last.

This particular belt is hot dipped meaning the leather is stretched, dried, and hot-dipped with oils, waxes, and tallow, giving it a waxy feel with a beautiful pull-up effect. This makes an absolutely beautiful and strong finish.

  • 1.50” strap width and approximately 3/16” thick*
  • One solid 12 oz piece of full grain leather
  • 5 holes spaced 1” apart
  • Creased accent line embossed alone the edge of belt
  • Roosevelt: Brushed nickel roller buckle
  • Constructed with Chicago screws for interchangeable buckles; click Hardware to order additional buckles
  • Made exclusively with full grain leather; no fillers, cardboard or imitation materials
  • Proudly made in the USA

*All thicknesses are approximate and may slightly vary from hide to hide due to natural leather variations.


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